Zachary Ayotte is a Canadian artist living in Edmonton, AB.

As an artist, he uses light, surface and form to look at points of convergence. Rooted in examining manifestations of power and identity, Ayotte is interested in the intersection of different forms, forces or ideas and the effects that this can have on bodies. In his work he allows spaces and human forms to become alien, abstract and at times unrecognizable. Through a direct approach to image making, Ayotte tries to distance the viewer from the subject - often while utilizing intimate perspectives - allowing his work to consider the nature of photography and the systems in which we live.

Ayotte graduated from the University of Alberta with a BA in Art and Design and studied photographic technology at the North Alberta Institute of Technology. He has participated in select solo and group exhibitions in Canada and Europe.  Most recently, he collaborated with sound artists Nulle Part to create a site specific installation at the Art Gallery of Alberta.

For commissions, inquiries or sales please contact info@zacharyayotte.com


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